Friday, December 15, 2006

Late papers

If you turned in a paper late (after 3 p.m. Wednesday), then you'll need to send me an electronic copy today. Otherwise, expect an I for your grade, until I'm back in the office.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blog comments

I'm making comments about your blog on your blog, usually under the top entry. Some of the blog templates aren't letting me make comments, for some reason, so I'll string those together here. If you don't see a comment about your blog here today, that's because I was able to leave it on your blog.

Kasey Crill:
I enjoyed reading your blog, and I'm glad that we got to talk about religion, since our Cosmopolitanism book led us in that direction. Good critique of Perry's remarks--I agree that his unpolished honesty might have some appeal, if it didn't show so much of his ignorance. All I can think is how much his own faith must be unexamined, since he couldn't come up with anything to say about anybody else's faith.

Shauna H:
Great comments throughout the semester, first on the more mundane legal subjects we tackled early on, and then some good research and synthesis of info about our pornography discussion and our female circumcision/mutilation discussion per Cosmopolitanism. I think we can learn a lot by standing on the sides of issues, to see how others might perceive/see them. Also, I'll look forward to seeing your paper on MJFox, who I believe is lobbying only out of a general interest in his own ailment and others who suffer from the same disease, not money. Take care and best,

Monday, December 11, 2006

Selling back your textbooks

I'll be listing all of the textbooks that we've used this semester for next fall, so you might want to try to sell them back in late spring if you're still on campus (I have to turn in textbook forms in early April).

Or, if you're leaving us, how about giving me the Land/Hornaday textbook, with a self-addressed envelope, and I'll try to sell it for you next fall. Let me know if you're interested in this option, by email, and we'll arrange a way for you to drop off the book.