Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Organizational context and ethics

Check out this blog post by Linda Jacobson, a UNT Mayborn alum, on the kinds of red flags that mean you need to start looking for another job. We talked a lot about context in terms of the "Smartest Guys in the Room" DVD on Enron--cursing, extreme macho displays, justifications through empty boosterism, secrecy, and completely mysterious profits coming through just in time for quarterly reports. Here's what might be said at the table when messages are created for such organizations:

These strategies for messaging without complete truthfulness are a kind of group think. You have to decide: Do I want to be a part of this group? Can I challenge this group and make things better? Do I just need to move on?

Small business: Should you Twitter?

Another good blog posting on this topic, at Thanks, Kwesi R. at m strategies inc., Dallas.